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Story: Direct Trade Blend is one of the first blends we developed at Rising Star. Taste wise, it’s a throw-back to the sweet, balanced, and traditional coffee popularized by the old school roadside diner. Sometimes referred to as as a “breakfast blend” or a “medium roast” Direct Trade Blend harkens back to the classic American cup of coffee. It’s a coffee that pleases everyone.
Our blend takes its name from the driving ideology at Rising Star, Direct Trade relationships. For a long time importing coffee was a fairly industrialized and anonymous affair. Farmers in producing countries were reduced to wage slaves, and huge multinational corporations benefited from their labor. The concept of Direct Trade, where coffee roasters by-passed middle men and went straight to coffee producers, has swept through the coffee industry in the last 5 years and completely changed not only the quality of coffee but its social impact, as well.
At the end of the day, direct trade coffee means the coffee you drink tastes better and the farmers are fairly compensated for their superior beans.
We are proud to say that we have relationships with all our producing partners, and our Direct Trade Blend reflects their contributions to our success.
Tasting Notes: Toasted Nuts, Caramel, Pleasant and Comforting


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