Gora Kone Washing Station


Origin: Nensebo District, Ethiopia
Process: Natural
What we taste: Juicy, Tropical Fruit, Wine

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Nestled amid the picturesque terrain of Ethiopia's Nensebo district, the Gora Kone washing station stands as a pivotal hub in the country's vibrant coffee industry. Its name, derived from the Amharic words for "mountain" and "hump," aptly characterizes its geographical setting—a prominent elevation overlooking verdant landscapes. Situated within the West Arsi zone, renowned for its fertile soils and optimal altitude, Gora Kone epitomizes Ethiopian coffee craftsmanship. Under the stewardship of Testi Trading PLC, Gora Kone serves as a testament to collaborative excellence, sourcing its cherries from a network of local farmers predominantly from the Oromo ethnic group, with some representation from the Sidamo community. Despite encountering challenges such as erratic rainfall patterns and water scarcity affecting processing operations, Testi Trading remains resolute in its pursuit of quality enhancement. With strategic initiatives underway, including implementing state-of-the-art, water-efficient machinery, the company is poised to fortify Gora Kone's position as a beacon of premium Ethiopian coffee production.

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