Halo Hartume


Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Process: Washed
What we taste: Earl Grey, sweet tarts, peach


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Ato Mijane Woresa and his son Daniel are working towards preserving the array of coffee varieties and flavors in Ethiopia. The motherland of all coffee, Ethiopia has a long history of growing and consuming coffee but it was not until recently that small washing stations and farmers were able to directly export their coffees. Through smaller washing stations like Halo Hartume, they are hoping to increase the traceability of Ethiopian coffee and to highlight the differences in flavor of coffees grown in different kebeles (neighborhoods). To ensure a high quality cup of coffee, the Mijanes work closely with close to 400 farmers in the area to provide education on the importance of local shade trees, compost and proper handpicking. This results in a cup that is clean with notes of citrus, black tea, and floral aroma.

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Halo Hartume Ethiopian coffee
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