Puka Soncco


Origin: Chanchamayo, Peru

Farm: Puka Soncco

Processing: Natural

What we taste: Blackberry jam, ube, candied lemon


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Puka Soncco, meaning Red Heart in the Quechua language, is a proprietary blend of coffee varietals that match Reach Trade’s quality guidelines and microclimate specifications. Reach Trade supports their top ranked smallholders with a program that allows them to work together throughout the harvest to produce Puka Soncco and other blends at farmgate, and then at COOPERU's climate-controlled, rooftop drying station. Farmers are invited to work alongside our agronomists and to learn these new techniques so that one day they can sustain their own production on their farms, and even create their own unique microlot blends.

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Puke Soncco Peruvian coffee
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