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Experience the difference great beans make! Stop by our Little Italy location on the east side, Hingetown in Ohio City on the west side or our downtown shop in the fantastic Arcade-right across from the library. For handmade coffee and pastries only, visit one of our pop ups: Lakewood, Tremont or the Flats!

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Take your event to the next level with a pour over coffee bar manned by expert baristas!

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(in the Ohio City Firehouse)
1455 W 29th
Cleveland, OH 44113

6 am – 6 pm M-Th, 6 am-8 pm Fri-Sat, 8 am-6 pm Sunday

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Fairmont Creamery


13368 Madison Ave,
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 903-6709

6 am – 4 pm M-Sat
8 am – 4 pm Sunday

Rising Star Little Italy

Little Italy

(Murray Hill and Edgehill)
2187 Murray Hill Road
Cleveland, OH 44106

6 am – 8 pm M-Sat, 8 am-6 pm Sunday

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In a hurry? Order a drink or pastry and we’ll make it up. Just run in and pick it up. Double park even, we won’t tell!

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Fairmont Creamery

Fairmont Creamery

2306 W 17th St
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 789-0296

6 am – 6 pm M-Sat
8 am – 4 pm Sunday

Opening Soon

The Arcade

(Inside the Hyatt Arcade)
412 Superior Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114

6 am – 6 pm M-Sat, 8 am-6 pm Sunday

Order online for pick up at the Arcade

In a hurry? Order a drink or pastry and we’ll make it up. Just run in and pick it up. Double park even, we won’t tell!

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The Roastery

The Roastery

(at the Hildebrant Bldg)
3617 Walton Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

9 am – 4 pm M-Th, By appointment or by chance Fri-Sunday

Our Philosophy about coffee is simple. Buy dang good coffee and pay the farmer and the producer enough money to live and maybe even enjoy life. That’s it. Our coffee isn’t fair trade, free trade, direct trade, or any other model. Our coffee is Relationship Coffee. We know who we buy coffee from, and we know what makes their coffee unique, and we want to share that with you.

That means that when we roast, we roast to highlight the decisions of the farmers and the producers, to make sure that their personality and hard work comes through in your cup. Our coffees are sweet, lively, bold and clean.

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    We are happy to say that all of our coffees are now certified Kosher!

If you want more information on any of our coffees and producing partners just let us know.

Brandon Riggs

Brandon Riggs

Coffee Director

Brandon Riggs joins us from Stockton Graham and Co. With 17 years of industry experience, he is a great fit for Rising Star Coffee Roasters. He has made numerous origin trips with brokers to solidify relationships with farmers and importers. He created and implemented a series of training programs at the roasting facility. These programs include cupping protocol, blend and roast development, and blending science with sensory tools to evaluate and maintain quality. He has a history of melding technology with his hands on skills to produce consistent high quality results. Also during this time, he began to develop a specific quality control system to maintain consistent standards for customers’ coffee selections.

In other words, the dude loves coffee, and loves to share what he knows with others. If you are a coffee geek, watch for educational events with this guy!

Gary "Kim" Jenkins

Gary "Kim" Jenkins


Gary Jenkins, Kim to his friends, is a retired rocket scientist who took his immense brain to the world of coffee. For about 20 years, Kim was roasting coffee as a hobby in his garage. Today, he oversees the roasting operations and we still use the roaster he played on all those years.

When Kim is not in the roastery, you might find him restoring a vintage aircraft or working around his farm in Spencer, Ohio.

Robert Stockham

Robert Stockham

General Manager

Robert’s love affair with coffee began over 30 years ago with a shot of espresso from Monorail Espresso-a cart that lived under the monorail line in Seattle. Since then, he has worked in the coffee joints and food venues for his entire life. When he found Rising Star Coffee Roasters, he knew he had found home.

A transplant to Cleveland since 2000, Robert came here from Portland, Oregon. Proud to call Cleveland his home, he has long been an advocate for the city that is on the rise. He is an advocate for sustainability and local foods.

Emily Mock

Emily Mock

Operations Manager

Emily started with Rising Star as a barista. Her dedication to craft and outstanding customer service propelled her to management status pretty quickly. She loves dogs and travelling. When she is not working, she is likely studying for law school.

Dawn Fox

Dawn Fox

Store Manager-Hingetown

Dawn is our residential fashionista. We love seeing what she will walk in wearing. Her smiling face and fashion sense make her a great addition to our staff. Her mad latte art skills will impress and her customer service skills are top notch.

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman

Store Manager-Little Italy

Kevin is a great barista. He came to Rising Star Coffee Roasters to learn more about the craft and to practice his latte art. He has done some awesome work and makes beautiful drinks that are almost too pretty to drink. Not a surprise, because in his off hours, he likes to draw and do other art work. His sense of humor and boundless energy make him fun to hang out with. If you see him, ask about his t-shirts, because they are a little bit of awesome.

Jay Ganser

Jay Ganser

Lakewood Store Manager

Prior to slinging spro’ at Rising Star, Jay made a living hitting things as a professional classical percussionist. Serving consistently world-class coffee while personally connecting with customers has since proven to be a most rewarding performance. In his free time, Jay is very active in the local cycling and bike racing community. He puts more miles on his bikes than his car. African coffees and Hartzler chocolate milk both hold a special place in Jay’s heart.

By Email:

Email us at info@risingstarcoffee.com for general inquiries. For questions about wholesale, email wholesale@risingstarcoffee.com

By Phone:

To reach our company headquarters, call 216-651-STAR.

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To reach us by post (or to send us chocolate chip cookies) our address is:

3617 Walton Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113