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Specialty coffees from South and Central America, Africa, and Indonesia, all shipped within 48 hours of roasting. Available as whole bean and a range of grinds. Free shipping on orders over $30.

New Crop

Yuki Project

Last Fall, Brandon went to Brazil to meet up with Yuki after years of working with her and bringing her remarkable coffee to you.

This conversation with Yuki began last April, about us coming down to select the coffees that would go into this new crop of this Yuki project. Yuki’s QC team chose coffees from their farm in addition to other farms for possible coffees for this new Yuki Project. We spent a whole day cupping different coffees and talking about what we liked and in what direction we’d like this single origin to go. We also evaluated it as a component in our blends. Based on those cuppings and discussions, the team and Rising Star decided that these three coffees would make up this year’s Yuki Project.

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Showing all 15 results