Jen & Tim’s Blend

We have partnered with Star 102’s very own Jen and Tim to create a special blend. We are selling this coffee online and in stores. We are brewing it on the brew bar every Friday at all of our locations. A portion of the proceeds from this blend will go to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. We tried four different blends, with about ten people from the Jen and Tim show.  We heard that this blend was the first thing Jen and Tim have ever agreed on, right off the bat.

This coffee is a blend of Guatemala Huehuetenango and Mexico Yerbabuena. It features bright acidity, balanced with spicy notes of subtle cinnamon and pepper.  Creamy body that balanced the low, baker’s chocolate notes with the textured experience of malt and spice.  There is a lingering, sweet aftertaste with a hint of stone fruit.

Guatemala has eight different growing regions, all with distinctive flavors attributed to each one.  The Guatemala in this blend comes from Huehuetenango region, which is known for its bright acidity, with really nice textured, well rounded bodies.  These flavors and sensations come through in this blend.

Mexico has really come into the specialty coffee growing market the past decade or so…producing really nice coffees.  The Yerbabuena that is in this blend has soft, cinnamon flavors with nice milk chocolate aftertaste.  The cinnamon and chocolate flavors can be found in this blend.

$1 of every pound sold will go to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. In addition, check out the radiothon on December 8th on Star 102. Everyone who pledges $100 or more will receive a free bag of Jen & Tim’s Blend!