Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Farm: Koke Washing Station
Process: Honey
What we taste: Blueberry Pie, Lavender, and Honey

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Our newest coffee may seem familiar to many of you. Since we began selling Koke, it has been a customer and barista favorite. With a new crop, comes new and exciting flavor notes to discover. This year’s crop of Koke was sourced from approximately 1,200 smallholder farms across Ethiopia from Birbes Kela, Koke, Kongam Wedessa, and Tisho Kebeles - and is processed at the Koke and Birbes Kele washing stations. Due to Koke’s popularity, they were able to construct and open the Birbes Kele washing station in 2022 to keep up with the increased demand for this remarkable coffee. Farmers hand-select and harvest the coffee; rotating between the trees every eight to ten days in search of cherries at their peak ripeness. Once the crop reaches the washing station, they are fermented in its cherry for two days before being pulped and dried on raised beds with mucilage intact. This particular process is called the Honey Process which imparts the fruity notes that you’ve come to expect from Koke.