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Rising Star’s award-winning coffee is available in wholesale too. We hand select and work closely with all of our green growers to ensure the highest quality and consistency down to the last drop. You will love working with our veteran team and benefiting from our emphasis on education and knowledge of the coffee industry. We can’t wait to work with you.

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Fresh Roasted Beans

Freshly roasted in small batches, we roast your coffee to order and ship directly to you. Enjoy our cafe offerings wherever you are!

Brewing Equipment

Get all the equipment that you need for your coffee shop or restaurant. We sell espresso machines, grinders, pour over supplies and so much more. Starting up a new coffee shop? We can help you with layout and design.

Office Coffee

You have great employees, so why not treat them to the best coffee? Have freshly roasted Rising Star Coffee Roasters beans in your office.


We roast Monday-Thursday, and Friday as needed. We have a minimum 48 hour roast cycle. Deliveries to our clients on the westside are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Delivery to our eastside clients is Tuesday and Thursday. Minimums for a wholesale account are 5# reoccurring and 10# for delivery.


September 23, 2015

Order your coffee ahead!

Just because you are in a hurry, doesn’t mean you can’t get a cup of our amazing coffee. We are rolling out a pre order system. The idea is that you can order your beverage ahead, pay for it, and then just pop in and pick up. You will order online, from your device or […]

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To set up your wholesale account, we need the following information:


We sell wholesale to businesses and non profit entities. This means you can order for your coffee shop or restaurant, for your office, or for a special fundraising event.

Minimums for wholesale are recurring 5# orders. This means that you have to order on a regular basis-once a month, every other week, etc. We make exceptions for special cases, like you want to feature us at your company party or at a fundraiser.

Minimum order for delivery is 10.

To set up your wholesale account, we need the following information: