Pour Over Coffee Brewing Method

For this tutorial, we are using a Beehouse Dripper. It is what we use in our cafes. There are plenty of other brands of drippers, so you will need to adjust the grind and dose based on your particular brewer.

Step 1

Gather Equipment

  • Coffee
  • Grinder (or ground coffee)
  • Beehouse filter
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Gooseneck kettle (you can use anything to pour, this special kettle just makes it easier)
  • Stirrer or Spoon
  • Decanter or Mug

Step 2


Weigh 26g of coffee and grind on the medium fine, about the coarseness of table salt.

Step 3


Fold scalloped edges of filter in opposite directions and seat in the Beehouse. Place Beehouse on mug or decanter. Rinse with hot water to wash away the filter’s papery taste and preheat brewer and vessel.

Step 4


Add ground coffee and level; tare scale, and put the beehouse and decanter (or mug) on the scale. Using fresh hot water, just off the boil (205 degrees), pour 60-70g water onto the grounds. Start a timer as your start your pour. This stage is called the bloom” and it allows the carbon dioxide and other trapped gasses to escape from the beans. You will see the gasses bubble up in the grinds and form a bloom.

Step 5


Using a spiralling pattern from inside to out, and a steady stream of water, pour to 390g. Keep the spout of your kettle at a consistent height from the brewing coffee. You may need to pause your pouring to add all the water. Total brew time should be between 2:30 and 3 minutes.

Step 6


Thank the coffee gods and enjoy!

Pour over not your thing?

That's cool. Try AeroPress instead.