Mushonyi Washing Station


Origin: Rutsiro District, Rwanda
Process: Washed
What we taste: Turbinado, Yellow Raisin, Dried Apricot

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Our newest offering, Mushonyi Washing Station, comes to us from the Western Province of Rwanda, specifically the Rutsiro District which rests against Lake Kivu. The Mushonyi washing station serves 1,200 growers who farm coffee in the surrounding hills. These farmers cultivate roughly 300 coffee trees on their relatively small plots, often intercropping with other crops for extra income. This washing station, like many in Rwanda, was built by the army in anticipation of high-volume processing. Today RWACOF keeps this washing station in pristine condition, even in years when the washing station’s capacity exceeds the volume of cherry delivered. In addition to maintaining the washing station, RWACFO also has many projects that are designed to support farmers’ overall livelihoods. They focus on gender equality and support several women’s cooperatives by helping them access land, and seedlings and reach a market for their coffees. They also offer training on financial literacy and environmental stewardship for the coffee farming community.  Rwanda is truly a gem in the coffee production world - bringing incredible coffees to the global market.

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