Red 5 de Diciembre


Origin: Oaxaca, Mexico
Process: Washed
What we taste: chocolate mousse, baking spices, roasted pecans.


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The Red 5 de Diciembre represents over 1,300 small indigenious coffee farm holders and is the largest producer organization in the region. Facing a significant loss of crops to La Roya, a devastating coffee plant disease, farmers were struggling to find international buyers for Mexican coffee. This independent group of farmers banned together on December 5, 2014 in an effort to help each other face the new market challenges. Over the past seven years, they have been able to receive organic certification, increase coffee quality, and increased the premiums for their coffees on the market. Their work has produced a rich cup of coffee with notes of chocolate mousse, baking spice, and roasted pecans.

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Red 5 de Diciembre, Mexican coffee
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