Reko: Aricha Washing Station


Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Process: Washed
What we taste: Floral, Lemon, Tangerine

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In the heart of Ethiopia's renowned coffee region near Yirgacheffe lies the Aricha Washing Station, freshly revitalized under the stewardship of Faysel Abdosh and Testi Coffee. Surrounded by coffee-growing communities such as Aricha, Reko, Gersi, Naga Singage, and Idido, the station benefits from fertile soil, ideal microclimates from nearby mountains and forests, and a deeply knowledgeable farming community of the Gedeo ethnic group, who have cultivated coffee here for generations. Faysel, coming from a lineage of coffee growers, saw immense potential in Aricha and seized the opportunity to purchase and restore the station in 2018. Despite initial challenges, Testi Coffee's dedication has transformed Aricha into one of its most efficient operations. The station now processes each community's coffee lots separately, enhancing traceability and ensuring equitable profits return to each farming community. This coffee comes from the Reko community located up in the mountainous area in Yirgacheffe’s Kochere district. The altitude is higher here – ranging from 1950 to 2150 m.a.s.l. The varietals here are like the other communities – a mixture of Kurume, other regional landraces, and disease-resistant JARC varietals. However, as the microclimate and growing conditions here are different, expect a unique flavor profile.

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A bag of rising star coffee beans called Reko Aricha Washing station. The label is orange.
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