Marcelo Assis


Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Process: Natural
What we taste: Black Currant, Graham Cracker, Blackberry Syrup

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We were introduced to Marcelo Assis by Yuki Minami during our visit to Brazil this past fall. Upon meeting him, we were immediately impressed by his passion for coffee and processing in particular. Marcelo is one of Yuki’s partner farmers and is at the forefront of experimentation with coffee processing. Marcelo’s technical experience in agriculture shines through from the beautiful farms to the drying patios.  Marcelo’s experimentation has proven crucial in bringing new flavors to specialty coffee that are not typically attainable in lower-grown Brazilian coffee. Brazil is a massive coffee producer with over 200,000 coffee farms producing coffee for various markets. The work that Yuki and Marcelo are doing is especially important because they are bringing new methodologies and technology to farmers that will ultimately increase the quality of their coffee so that the farmers can subsequently sell their coffee for a higher price in the specialty coffee market. We are honored to share Marcelo’s passion and innovation with you all and are proud to carry one of his coffees here at Rising Star.

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