Mulish Washing Station


Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Process: Washed
What we taste: Blackberry, Lavender, Coriander

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Established by Faisal Abdush in 2014, Mulish has become a revered washing station in Guji. It is situated on a four-hectare slope leading to the Mormora River. Since its inception, the number of coffee farmers in the area has grown significantly, prompting Testi Coffee to open a sister washing station, Bishan Dimo, in 2016. Now over one thousand farmers bring their cherries to Mulish and Bishan Dimo.  The Guji zone, with its rich soil, diverse forests, and varied altitudes, contributes to unique coffee profiles. Mulish coffee reflects the distinct flavors derived from the region's diverse varietals and terroirs. Beyond its impact on coffee production, the Mulish team has contributed to the community by establishing a school and making a lasting mark on the Guji zone's agricultural landscape.

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