La Primavera: Pink Bourbon


Origin: Huila, Colombia
Process: Semi-Washed
What we taste: Sugarcane, Citrus, and Stone Fruit

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We are excited to bring you our newest coffee from the farm La Primavera, under the care of Freddy Correa. During our team cupping, we tasted notes of Sugarcane, Citrus, and Stone Fruit Freddy is known for experimenting with fermentation to bring out bold flavors in his coffees. La Primavera: Pink Bourbon underwent a 24-hour pre-fermentation in the coffee cherry before the outer cherry is removed and the coffee ferments for a 36-hours with mucilage intact. Once the coffee has fermented, it is then slowly sun-dried on raised beds for 15 days.

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A bag of La Primavera: Pink Bourbon Rising Star Coffee.
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